Burnley’s Countrywide Couriers has reported a surge in demand. The organisation operates an emergency, same day, door to door delivery service which has proven a lifeline to many companies.

Businesses around the UK are finding that the new working rules are causing problems for their networks. The national measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus have also made the exchange of physical objects much more difficult.

A spokesman for Countrywide Couriers reported: “With social distancing and remote working there is a greater need for transport companies to deliver items around the country. Our business has never been so important.”

“We’ve been very quick to adapt our working methods and that’s resulted in lots of new orders. For instance, we’ve done away with the requirement for a signature and instead we’re taking photographs.”

The forward-thinking same day courier has also been using gloves and hand gels since the very beginning of the pandemic and they’ve got antibacterial sprays in every van.

According to Countrywide Couriers, the increased demand for its services has come from all sectors of the economy. They are getting requests to deliver confidential documents like solicitor’s packages, emergency engineering parts, printworks, plumbing items, all sorts of time-sensitive packages and emergency deliveries in general.

Another way the company has innovated its offering is by integrating their own virus control methods with those of their customers. Countrywide has implemented a new procedure where they phone ahead to see whether the company accepting the parcel has a coronavirus policy in place. This means they can save time and avoid any confusions when the delivery arrives.

Part of the attraction are the hours of operation. Countrywide Couriers are open and working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For more information about Countrywide Couriers please visit the website www.countrywidecouriers.co.uk or call 01282  835221 to talk to a member of staff.